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The sculptor Andy Scott – of Kelpies fame regarding the movement of Charles Rennie McIntosh sculpture we moved from the US recently
I was delighted to engage the services of Air Sea Scotland again to transport the bronze memorial of renowned Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The statue was recently unveiled in Glasgow. It was made at my studio and cast into bronze in Philadelphia USA, and Air Sea Scotland ensured a seamless and efficient freight of the statue from door to door, ensuring it arrived exactly at the specified date and time. Their management skills and personal attention to the project brought peace of mind as always. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Air Sea Scotland on my next sculpture projects. Excellent service! “ Andy Scott BA (Hons) Dip PG D.Sc(hc), D.Litt (hc), Dr. (hc, Edin), Dr. (hc, OU)MRBS, FRIAS, FSSAA, FRSADirector SCULPTOR


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Air Sea Scotland operate under the standard Terms and Conditions of BIFA